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Owning a swimming pool gives you both the privilege of enjoying the pool water and the responsibility of taking care of it regularly and when needed. Aside from dirt and debris that constantly stains and destroys the beauty of a pool, algae are also an occasional visitor especially when the temperature of the water is suitable for them to propagate farms. In addition to that, imbalanced water level also makes the water a nice place for them to thrive.

Regular maintenance of the swimming pool can easily discourage any formation of algae. Brushing once or twice a week keeps the pool’s health at its best and prevents the building up of slimy pool walls and floor. There are many different sizes of pool brush for the convenience of the cleaner so that hard-to-reach areas can easily be accessed and cleaned using this handy pool cleaning equipment.

Chlorine is a common product used to eliminate or reduce the risk of algae farms all over your pool as it is believed that the more chemical you use on the water, algae will not thrive as they will die because of the product. For this reason, regular adding of chlorine on the pool water lowers the risk of inviting this pesky living organism into your pool. However, don’t forget to use only what is appropriate for humans so that the pool can still be used for swimming purposes as too much chlorine can probably cause negative effects on the bather.

When there are algae on your pool, there are probably leaves and debris as well. A skimmer net does the job quicker than any type of cleaning equipment. Make sure that you leave no debris behind so that the pool vacuum can suction algae peel offs and dirt without worrying about debris that can get stuck inside the vacuum hose or clog the skimmer bag.

Pool vacuum cleaners are best in finishing the job of breaking down algae farms on a swimming pool as anyone can easily maneuver the pool pole where cleaning is needed. Check the filter bag from time to time and make sure that it doesn’t reach almost full so that you’ll get the optimum performance of its suctioning capability.

Throw some pool shocking product into the water to finish off the remaining algae farms and to make the hard-to-remove stains much easier to scrub with brushing. Don’t forget to use the type of pool shocker that is adequate for the type of filter system on your swimming pool. This product keeps the water sanitized which means that it kills bacteria, harmful microorganisms, and algae. Remember that the best time to do this is by late afternoon as the ultraviolet (UV) light during the day breaks down the chlorine.

Repeat vacuuming the pool until all of the algae peel offs or residues are suctioned out of the pool. Maintain a regular schedule for the cleaning of your swimming pool to prevent any attacks of algae. This also lessens the maintenance cost for those who are resorting to hiring pool cleaners to do the job for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Pool vacuum suction does not work.?
    I have a inground pool 15 x 30. I have had this pool for over 2 years with no vacuum problems. During the cold weather i didnt turn the pool on (i say about 3 weeks). When i turn the pump everything works normal and i have good presure. then i prepare to vacuum, i make sure my vacuum hose is filled with water, leave the vacuum head in the pool, i have a cartridge filter. And open pool vacuum and than i loose all my suction. Where is it going. Please help.
    I cleaned out the filter and all my baskets are clean of debris. Correct valves were open and closed. I now think the reason is i have a small crack on 2 of the valves where you put in the screws. Could that be the reason. Remeber i have no suction at all. I also dont feel or hear any air coming out of this 2 cracks.

    • ANSWER:
      If there was a freeze during that 3 week period it is likely that some part of your system cracked due to frozen water (expands). So, when you switch to your vacuum, air gets in through the crack and you lose your vacuum at the pool. I'd check all of the above ground pipes including the valves.

      You can do the following. Close the valves on both sides of the basket located right before the pump. Take a small amount of food coloring and put it into the basket, close the basket up and open the valves you closed PLUS turn the valves you'd turn if you were vacuuming. Wait a minute or two. While waiting, watch the pool at the water return lines and see if the food coloring comes out. If it does not, go back to the basket, close the valves on either side of the basket and open it to see if the coloring is still in the basket.

      If the color is gone from the basket OR came out in the pool, you've got a leak in one of the pipes.

      Now, you've got to find the leak. Turn the valves to normal position and be certain the air is bled out of the filter. Turn the pump off and turn the valves to the vacuum position and, with your fingertips and your nose (that is how close you must be) trace over all of the pipes. Listen and look and feel for air moving into the pipe.

      However, at this point, you might want to hire a pool repair service as this might be a touchy thing to do. With hope, you didn't crack a valve. Pipe repair is easy, just cut a section out and put a new section in. But, a valve might cost some extra bucks.

    hayward pool filter suction line collapses when I vacuum pool?
    No trouble for 3 years, suddenly was not able to vacuum without the suction hose collapsing. Replaced it with a heavy clear pvc hose and it sucked shut instantly when I hooked up the vacuum.The vacuum hose is new and has no clog or weak spots that I can feel.Would hard pvc be the answer or would that just mask the problem?

    • ANSWER:
      replace the hose

    Cant get pool vacuum to work?
    My pool vacuum has no suction and I have no psi rating, my polaris wont work either. Is something clogged how do I unclog it?

    • ANSWER:
      Some Polaris' are pressure washers and need a separate pump to make them work. Others are vacuum side cleaners and use your pool pump to power them. Check your filter it is likely dirty and causing low pressure and low water flow.

      You're welcome!!

    No suction with swimming pool vacuum?
    I have been trying to clean the pool forever now and really need some help. I have a 15 X 30 above ground. The water ph is perfect since I have brought it to the pool store and they said it was fine. We have not been able to actually vacuum it though so there is all sorts of "stuff" and leaves in it. I hook up the manual vacuum this way. I put the end opposite the vacuum handle into the output so that it fills with water. Then, I take that same end and put it over the "thing" with the basket. I begin to get going and nothing, no suction. Also, the "thing" over the basket keeps coming off since I have no suction. I have done this probably 25 or so times and want to cry.....
    I have hose filled with water and I have tried it with and without the basket and never get a good seal or a seal that stays.
    Thank you so much!

    • ANSWER:
      First of all make sure that you have the hose put on the right way. The end with the "swival collar" needs to go onto the brush head. and the other will end into the skimmer. On your skimmer plate, you should be able to unscew the piece where you place the hose. Attach the hose to that. Then in the skimmer remove your little collection basket and screw the end of the piece that you removed from the skimmer plate ( you won't use the plate at all at this point)into that hole. (I hope this makes sense, easier if I posted a pic). Then make sure your hose is filled with water, place the pump setting on waste. Then turn on the pump/filter. You should get an awesome suction. This is how I have to do my 27' x52'' as I had the same issue and was t'd off,LOL

      Also, I invite you to join us at http://www.troublefreepools.com We are a bunch of pool owners that help each other maintain our pools and keep them just that TROUBLE FREE!! I go by lulupalooza there. :) Good luck!!

    pool vacuum has no suction. what can i do?
    filter runs for a few minutes well and then slows, but no debris in basket

    • ANSWER:
      You pool vacuum is usually your pool filter & pump. You might want to check your filter & pump to see if it needs to be back washed to clean the sand filter. If your filter is cleaned, there should no reason for you to have bad suction. Your filter basically consists of the filter unit and the electric motor. Make sure both are working. You can also check the return water jets to see if you have a strong output.

      If the water jets do not have a strong output, your filter or electric motor might have some problems.

pool vacuum no suction

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